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Frequently asked questions…

Where are you located?
We are based in Los Angeles, but we work with amazing artists across the country!

Who is the Editor? And may I talk to her?
Lucia Tran is the Founding Editor of Zooey. She’s really glad you thought of her, but is also sad that she does not have enough hours in the day to answer every email she gets. Therefore, the Zooey staff filters emails from those who use the form above.

Can I interview Lucia for my blog or my outlet?
Thanks for thinking of Lucia! Just let us know in the form, and we will help arrange the interview.

Can I submit a fashion editorial?
Unfortunately, Zooey no longer publishes fashion editorials unless they have an inspiring story and element.

Are you hiring interns?
Currently, Zooey already has interns for the year.

How do I become one of Zooey’s regular contributors?
You can read how to contribute story ideas here.

Can you feature my products?
We love to feature products and brands we find appealing for the average Zooey reader! There are many ways we can work together – just drop us an email! Please note, we are not always able to partner with every brand, and only work with brands that meet our aesthetics. To advertise, please check this page.