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Zooey Magazine is not just a magazine, it is a lifestyle. We are inspired by all things vintage when producing content (sixties is basically our favorite decade and Audrey Hepburn is our hero), and we love: writing, photography, entrepreneurs, and fighting for women’s rights. Sometimes we’re quirky and humorous, and sometimes we’re always very serious. But overall, we love collaborating with other artists to help serve our amazing readers and leaders of today’s society.

So what are things we look for…?

1. DIY (otherwise known as do-it-yourself) projects, that are humanly doable! Home improvement DIYs are a huge plus. If you decide to send in a DIY, please send hi-resolution photos (photographed by an experience photographer).
2. Responses to today’s news: See something that made you mad? See something that inspired you? Comment about it in a story. Mostly, we try and stick to news that concern women’s health and rights. We don’t tolerate intolerance, as we promote all things that benefit a woman’s right to self-expression and freedom.
3. Interviews: Know an inspiring person? Whether your mom, neighbor, or an entrepreneur? Help us share their story on our platform!
4. Reviews: Want us to review a product that you think would fit with our readers? Let us know, and we’ll confirm if a sample should be sent. Note, we cannot accept items that need to be consumed or applied on skin (lotions, pills, etc), and we do not promote products that support body manipulation (diet pills, etc).
5. Illustrations: If you’re an artist who loves to make fashion sketches, or incredibly talented in calligraphy or typography – send us an email and we’d love to review your work! We are always looking for illustrators!

And sometimes…

We will require certain articles to be fulfilled! Regular contributors will be included in an exclusive mailing list that is sent out by our Editor-in-Chief.

If that’s enough details…

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